2022 | Zusammen II | Mauer Gallery Berlin
2019 | Milestone | Mauer Gallery Berlin
2015 | An idea of Luxury performance | Zürich HB
2012 | The 2nd Life of Kaluk | Voo Store Berlin
2011 | 3 Moments in The Life of Kaluk | Pictoplasma Berlin
2010 | Live Painting | Scope Art Basel
2009 | Art Battles Swatch/MTV | Illustrative Berlin
2018 | Geely Design Mobility in 2100 | Hotel Raphael Paris
2014 | Pictoplasma | Contemporary Museum Monterrey Mexico
2014 | Pictoplasma Portrait Gallery | Berlin
2013 | Don't shoot the messenger | Design Museum Helsinki
2011 | Post-digital monsters | Gaîté Lyrique Paris
2011 | Giant Designer Snowmen | Torontoland Toronto
2009 | Art Battles Swatch MTV | Blue Balls Festival Luzern

JULIA GAUDARD is a swiss visual artist with studios based in Berlin. She studied Graphic Design in Central Saint Martins (London) and Set Design in EAA in Vevey (CH). Since an early age, she developed a talent for creating powerful pictures films and illustrations. She has lived & travelled across Europe and Asia before setting up in Germany with her husband and partner in crime Benoit Créac´h forming the duo Ben&Julia. Parallel to her career as a director and art director for advertising and media, she continues to develop artistically and produce more and more powerful works. In Gaudard's research, the light reminds us of the "unheard of" character of iridescent diffraction, one find the perception of powerful systems within the algebra of colors, the forms are simplified, essentials and executed with a perfection characteristic of the Helvetic artist. With her series Zusammen I & II, she questions the relationship of the artwork communicating with another, in a face to face relationship that is both loving and sacred. The "good", the serenity and the happiness expressed and felt in front of the paintings is unique to the Zusammen series and reminds us of the invisibility of the link that unites our inner-self with the tangible world.
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